Toilette game fetish

Some people like dirtoilette-games-dirty-fetishty games in sex, most especially toilette games. What makes these people be addicted to unusual, dirty stuffs like pee, poo? A lot of people are bored with average sex activities and they want to spice up their sexual life. For most people toilette games are awful, disgusting and would never do them and even get sick watching people doing such dirty things. Some people basically do not like these things however they do them with their partners. Based on my experiences mostly models from the Philippines, Colombia, South Africa enjoy performing toilette games on cam. So if you are toilette games fan and you visit a live webcam site then filter models from these countries and you will not need to look for a model for a long time willing to perform real toilette games for you. Some might fake it but from 5 models 4 did it for real for me.

The most typical toilette game is peeing. I asked one webcam girl to pee in a glass then drink it, she did it. A bit dirtier stuff is pooping. i asked two webcam girls to poop and eat it but only one of them eat it really, meaning that there are girls who do that, just make sure to ask them first in free chat if they do it in private or not. Do not count on models doing toilette games in free chat for tips, take them to private on ‘tits for tips’ type of sites also. also mind that some adult sites do not allow models show body waste content on cam so make sure to ask the model first if it is allowed or not. Both the model and you might get banned from the site if body waste is prohibited.

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