TeamViewer blackmail fetish

teamviewer blackmail

Team view fetish is a new type of activity that makes certain people excited. These people enjoy if an other person takes control over their computer and do anything they want. Most especially if the blackmailers can use the pc owner’s bank account for buying things over the internet. It is not about robbing you necessarily but allowing a stranger to have access to your personal files, like images, files etc to humiliate you.

The free software: TeamViewer is accessible for anyone and can be downloaded for free. You install it, you get an ID number and password and you can give it to anyone who can access your PC. This can be dangerous if the owner is not careful so if you have TeamViewer blackmail fetish mind to give limited access to your data otherwise you might be scammed, blackmailed or exploited seriously. Based on my experience mostly US women enjoy this type of exploitation, mostly the mistresses, there are real expert blackmailers who hunt for sissy boys to be humiliated like that. Certain people enjoy being controlled and dominated, some are physically while some are virtually like thru TeamView. One thing is sure: both can be painful. Be careful and allow only such persons to own your PC by TeamView who know the limits!


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