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  • Crying fetish

    Crying fetish – Dacryphilia


    crying girl dacryphilia

    We cry if we are sad, hurt or too happy to express our feeling normally. In general we do not like to see others crying, tears are usually associated with sadness or injury, or loosing someone, it is not something we want to see. Some people enjoy making others cry, weird but is an existing fetish. Not necessarily to cause the other harm, the view of a beautiful, crying woman makes horny certain men.

    Troll users have this habit also, to make a webcam model cry and they get turned on seeing it live on cam. Certain trolls use sites where they can talk to other trolls and they plan to make one certain performer cry on a webcam site.

    She is bound to be passionate!

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  • Diaper fetishism

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    If you are an adult and you need to wear diapers then it usually has medical purposes. Besides that there are people who wear it for pleasure and some of them become even sexually eroused having a diaper on. Mostly adult men like wearing diapers. Yes it may seem sick but these people actually like the feeling having a diaper on. Not necessarily to defecate in it, the reason for wearing it is usually not associated with infantilism or medical reasons as previously mentioned. I tested some adult webcam sites if there are models wearing a diaper for my request and all girls denied it but some male performers did it. Be careful as some live sex sites do not allow models to wear disapers as they relate to underage contest and they might ban the model and you also. Check out the rules of the sites first of all if it is prohibited or not.

  • Farting fetish

    Farting fetish (Flatulophilia)


    Everybody farts, we all know it. Even girls and their fart smell can be many times even smellier than of men. Girls just do it in an intimate way, without sound mostly. I have tested 5 webcam models if they can fart for me in private and 3 of them did, one faked it but the three girls farted really. I guess it is not the farting that mostly turns on someone but the way that the air leaves the girl’s sex ass.

    Why someone gets sexually aroused by farts? It is said that fart fetishism (eproctophilia) is similar to toilette games. Probably it is the fact that something comes out of your partner’s flatulence and it makes you excited.  Luckily, compared it with scat fetish, fart fetish has no risk to your health. We have never heard about anyone dying from fart smell. Genital odurs make a lot of people horny, let it be a good smell or a smelly fart. just think about animals, they often smell each other’s butt. Certain people just love the fart sounds ansd they find it sexually attractive.

    If you have a farting fetish and you find a partner who does not feel embarassed to fart then you can enjoy your farting fetish day by day. Though it is not easy to find one and you also do not really admit that you have a farting fetish. Even if farting does not turn on most people, rest assures, you are not alone so sooner or later you will find a partner with the same fetish.

    I tested the adult live webcam sites and checked out if any Models have this fetish. I noticed that yes, many of them have it or at least many of them did not feel it embarassed to fart for me. Fortunately if you ask a webcam girl to fart you will not smell it since you watch her virtually so you will never know how the fart smelled but if a farting girl turns you on, you can count on live sex webcam models to do that for you. Women can fart with their pussy also letting the air in then pushing it out. It can be funny but sexy also for a lot of men. I asked 2 models if they can do it and both of them could. Since models have audio by today you also can hear the sound of the pussy fart.

    How to look for farting online webcam girls?  It is not an easy question indeed, although be brave to ask any of them do it for you. Do not be shy to ask it as you are not alone, a lot of people have farting fetish and webcam models got use to meet users with farting fetish.

    I cannot determine certain nations who fart more or with more significant farting fetish so feel free to ask any models who can do it.

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